1987 Raleigh The Edge Trials Mountain Bike

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Now here is a really interesting mountain bike from history, The Edge Trials mountain bike by Raleigh.  This bike was designed by John Olsen a early mountain bike designer, rider, and author.  This bike stands out to me because it has a 24” rear wheel and a 26” front wheel.  Have a look at this classic:

1987 Raleigh The Edge Trials Mountain Bike

Stock the bike didn’t have bars with so much rise, the rest of the bike looks pretty stock.  Here are some of the original specs:

Crom-moly frame and fork

Shimano Deore derailleurs

Suntour roller cam rear brake

Dia Compe 982 front brake

Shimano Deore thumb shifters

How about that roller on the stem for the front brake?  A really neat old bike to look at.  Here is an ad that Raleigh had featuring the bike with Mr Olsen making a rather steep climb:

Raleigh Overcome All Obstacles

Images donated by South Shore Cyclery

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