Best Entry Level Road Bike 2022 Motobecane Super Mirage SL Review Bikes Direct

Last Updated on May 25, 2023 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

Bikes Direct is loaded with tons of options so I thought it would be fun to make some recommendations from their site.  My first recommendation is the Motobecane Super Mirage SL for a good entry level road bike.  It comes in burnt orange and dark silver, have a look:

2022 Motobecane Super Mirage SL Burnt Orange
2022 Motobecane Super Mirage SL Dark Silver

What I like:

Disc brakes

2X8 STI drivetrain

Shimano Claris derailleurs

WTB Silverado saddle

Endurance geometry

Aluminum frame

32c tires

Fits tires as wide as 40c

32 spoke double wall rims

Price $699.95

For the money this bike has some real nice specs.  It should be decently light with an aluminum frame.  The endurance geometry plus 32c tires and steel front fork should help make this bike a comfortable ride.  Not to mention the WTB Silverado saddle should also be pretty comfy.  Disc brakes give it some cool factor and Claris derailleurs are good and reliable. 

The ability to use up to 40c tires will make this bike very versatile.  The 32c tires should be good for some easy gravel riding but go wider if you want to try rougher terrain.  My road bike doesn’t take vey wide tires, so I have a road and a gravel bike. 

Motobecane is also a great vintage bike brand.  It’s not the same company now as I believe Bikes Direct purchased the brand, but Motobecane was a French company founded in 1923 with a long history of making bicycles.  Mirage is also a vintage model.  It’s always cool to have a good bicycle brand name on the frame.

Get yours today at Bikes Direct:

About Bikes Direct: This is an online retailer, so not for everyone.  You will get a bike that needs some assembly and tuning.  Even the best bikes aren’t so good if they aren’t tuned.  So, you will either have to tune it yourself or find a shop that will do it for you.  Expect to pay for a tune up if you haven’t yet worked on bikes.  You also won’t be able to test ride.  They give enough info that you really should be able to pick a good size, but nothing beats a test ride.  If you buy from a local bike shop, they will also give you fit advice and fix things that go wrong with the bike, plus usually a free first tune up.  If you want to get on the road fast and stay on the road a local bike shop may be a better option for you.  But you will save a good chunk of cash and once tuned any Bikes Direct bike should be a great ride.    Just probably not the best place for everyone. 

Notes: This is a hands-off review based on the specs.  I have not ridden this bike, but my knowledge of bikes says it’s a good deal.  This is my favorite entry level road bike from Bikes Direct, I’ll be reviewing some other brands also.

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Jim has over 40 years of experience with bicycles and loves road and mountain biking and just going for calm cruises. He is a mechanic who has built custom bikes and is also very interested in bike history.

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  1. The steel front fork will weigh four pounds alone… and that Claris groupset, while vastly improved over the first gen. Claris, is heavy, too. I’d put that at… 27-28 pounds. Pay $100 more and you can get a decent Diverge with Claris and a carbon fork and get that down to 25-ish. Part with another $200 and you upgrade to Sora 9 speed which is a massive upgrade in components. 😉

  2. What’s your best advice to search for a bike for a person who experiences chronic knee problems? What structural adaptations to an existing bike can be made if one rides hoping to ease the knee condition?

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