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I was looking for a pretty normal, sorta old school looking saddle for my current bicycle build.  Being frugal I was also curious what was out there for cheap.  I landed on the Origin8 Uno Road Pro Saddle which gets very good reviews despite being quite inexpensive.  It looks comfortable, but still a rather normal sort of seat without a crazy shape or cutouts, have a look:

Origin8 Uno Road Bike Saddle

What I like:

Price, I got mine on Amazon for less than $33.

Classic style

Nose is thicker up and down, too thin rubs me wrong

Relief channel

Solid construction, seems about the same as other more expensive saddles I own

Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Red, White


Size: claims 10.5 x 4.25” on packaging.  Width at widest point is 5” when I measure.  So, by my measurements about 267 x 127mm.   It’s a very narrow saddle.  

Weight: 312 grams on my scale.  Pretty good weight for the price. 

Gel foam material

Durable bumper and nose

Full chromoly rails

Made in Taiwan

Not super padded and very narrow, so definitely not for somebody looking for lots of cushion.  Narrow usually works for me and I’m always wearing padded shorts.  They also make the Uno-S saddle, which is very similar, but shows the stitching and comes in brown.  Otherwise, it appears to be the same.

Seems like a real nice saddle for the price.  You can get your own on Amazon:

Origin8 Pro Uno Saddle, Black – AMAZON

I’ll report back on durability after I’ve put some miles on it.  Hopefully it works well with my butt, you can never really tell till you’ve ridden on one for a while. 

Update: I’ve gotten out for a few 15-mile bike rides so far and the saddle feels great. It has even been comfortable on my indoor trainer rides. I’ll report back after some longer rides.

Origin8 Pro Uno Saddle, Black – AMAZON

Why couldn’t the bicycle make it up the big hill?

It was two-tired.

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