2022 Trek Domane AL 2 Disc Review Best Entry Level Road Bike

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Trek is the biggest bike company in the USA right now.  So, you probably have a bike shop that sells Treks not too far away.  They make high-quality bikes, and the shop will make sure it is tuned properly. 

Which entry level road bike should I pick for 2022?

I’ve scoured through the different options at Trek, and I think the Domane AL 2 Disc is the best option.  It’s not cheap at a list price of $1,199.99, but for your money I think it has the right options.  The lower priced Domane AL 2 doesn’t have disc brakes and will only fit up to 28c tires without fenders.  The AL 2 Disc will fit up to 35c without fenders.  This adds a lot of versatility to the bike. 

Trek Domane AL 2 Disc Viper Red/Black
Trek Domane AL 2 Disc Mulsanne Blue/Black
Trek Domane AL 2 Disc Black/Carbon Smoke

The Good

Carbon Fork – carbon fork with a thru axle, very cool.  Will help absorb some road bumps.

Disc brakes – lotta cool factor with disc brakes.  You might not need them, but they say modern.

2X drivetrain – I like a double on a road bike.  Use the big ring unless you are climbing, then switch to the small ring.  16 speeds will work nicely.

3 colors and lots of sizes – Blue, black, and red should provide a color for just about everyone.  Lots of sizes mean you will get on the right size bike which is important for fit.  

700×32 Bontrager R1 tires – really nice size tire.  They will be fast, but still absorb lots of bumps.

Internal cable routing – real smooth look with the cables routing inside the frame.

Mounts for rack and fenders – make the bike more versatile.

Endurance geometry – comfortably ride long distances.  And with Trek you know that the geometry is really well done. 

The Bad

Price – big investment to get into road cycling.  But a Trek bike will be high quality and a great way to go if you want to ride without issues.  The bike shop should take real good care of you also.

Drivetrain – at this price point I’d like to see Sora, but with tariffs and all the inflation right now, bike prices have really climbed.  The Shimano Claris R2000 components are really reliable, however.  For almost $200 more you can get Sora with the AL 3 Disc.  A good upgrade but getting really expensive for an entry level road bike.

Note – this is a hands-off review.  I’m just using my bike knowledge and looking at the specs to give you an idea which model would best suite you for the money.  This is my pick from Trek, I’ll look at some other brands in the future and rank them.

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8 thoughts on “2022 Trek Domane AL 2 Disc Review Best Entry Level Road Bike

  1. There’s no question the Sora upgrade is worth every penny at $200. If it was up to me, and I own a Sora gravel bike, I’d go for 105 minimum. Worth it.

  2. Question- I need to tighten the handlebars on my bike. What kind and size of wrench would I need to do that? It’s a simple Huffy bike.

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