1969 Huffy Dragster III Green

I don’t normally like a Huffy, but this is a really neat bike.  First, it’s a 3 speed stick shift on the top bar which is cool.  Next, it’s got the tall bars with the banana seat, the Sting-Ray look.  The seat is a two-tone green metal flake color.  This is a kids bike with 20” wheels.  It also has rim brakes rather than coaster and a chrome rear fender.  And look at that chain guard with the exhaust pipe look.  Really cool bike for a Huffy!

1969 Huffy Dragster III Green

Interesting fact: Huffy was the first to offer a Sting-Ray style bike, not Schwinn.  It was originally called the Penguin which may be one reason it’s not as iconic as the Schwinn.

Images donated by South Shore Cyclery

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