CyclingDeal Heavy Duty Bike Cable Cutters Review

Last Updated on April 20, 2022 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

I got tired of cables fraying and decided to get a better cable cutter.  The normal cable cutters where the blades come together don’t work very well with mutli-strand cables like bike cables.  The type that works better has more of a scissors action where the blades cross each other rather than come together.  After shopping around, I ended up with the CyclingDeal cutters off of Amazon.  The tool cuts cables well, have a look:

CyclingDeal Heavy Duty Bike Cable Cutters

I believe this tool is a clone of the Pedro’s cable cutter which is a clone of a Felco cutter. 


Hardened steel

Spring loaded

Nice grip

Lock holds closed

7.5” long

274 grams

Made in Taiwan

It’s a sturdy tool that should work fine for a long time.  While I went with CyclingDeal, I believe the same tool is labeled under many names including Muzata, Sanuke, Cozysmart, Cal Hawk, Zoostliss…  Pretty sure they are all the same tool. 

It’s cheap relative to other cutters and works well cutting cables so I’m giving it a 5 out of 5 gnome rating.  Get yours on Amazon:

CyclingDeal Heavy Duty Bike Cable Cutters – AMAZON

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  1. I buy Park Tool needle nose pliers for precisely this reason. They are the only thing I’ve found that cut bicycle cables well.

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