Laying your bike down on the drive side meme

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Laying Bike Down Meme

At some point you will likely have to lay your bicycle down.  Either when you put it in the car or truck, or because you have no kickstand and nothing to lean it on.  When you lay your bike down, never lay it on the drive side.  This is the side that the chain is on.  Always lay your bike on the left side or the side opposite of the chain.  You could easily damage your rear derailleur or bend the hanger by laying it on the drive side.  Play it safe, non-drive side up! 

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What do you call a cow laying down?

Ground beef.

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  1. Truth! I had to learn this when I started road biking. Since then, I’m surprised by how many other people do not know this. Excellent Public Service Announcement 🙂

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