Terske Ultra-Low Profile Water Bottle Cage Bolts Titanium Review

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My search started out just looking for some of those plastic plugs that new bikes have that are put into bottle cage bosses and other threaded holes.  I wasn’t able to find any, but I ran into some options from Terske.  They have these ultra-low profile titanium bolts:

They also have some small, stainless steel cage boss blanking screws.  I decided to go with the titanium bolts, just because I thought they would have a cleaner look.  Here are some images of my regular Surly bolts and comparing to the Terske ones:

Terske vs Surly Bolts
Terske Low Profile Bottle Cage Bolts Installed

I built my bike to be more of a road bike rather than some sort of touring bike, so I wanted to make the bosses on my fork more discrete.  I think these did the job and looks better, what do you think?


I guess there are also some minimum performance gains.  The low-profile bolts are definitely way more aero.


I also have some weight savings.  My 4 Surly bolts weight in at 14 grams.  The 4 Terske are lighter than advertised and only weight 4 grams.  I dropped 10 whole grams. 

So, neither of these performance gains will affect me much, but they are on top of what I think is an improved smoother look. 

Super Light Bottle Cage Bolts

They are sold to replace the bolts you are using to hold your bottle cage.  And for that they are certainly light.  I personally don’t think they are worth the risk of using to actually hold something.  I’m certain they would work, but I’m not certain you would ever get them out.  They use a much smaller 2.5mm hex to tighten and loosen.  They also say to only tighten to 2-3Nm.  I guess if you follow the rules and be certain to remove once a year and regrease, they will work, but I wouldn’t want to have one of these stuck because it stripped.  Since mine aren’t holding anything I anti seized them and have them in just slightly snug. 

These are doing what I want and have met my expectations. I am going to give them a rating of 4 out of 5 gnomes just because the darn things are pretty expensive.  You can get your on Amazon:

Terske Ultra-Low Profile Titanium Bottle Cage Bolts – AMAZON

Just want something to plug the holes?  Check out the Terske boss blanking screws:

Terske Boss Blanking Screws – AMAZON

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