Craft Cadence Bicycle Bar Bag Review

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

The good people at Craft Cadence contacted me and wanted me to review one of their products.  They sent me their bar bag for review, and I must say it’s something I didn’t know I needed.  Here are some images:

Craft Cadence Bar Bag Yellow


Size: Approximately 10 x 8 x 3”

Weight: about 260 grams

What’s included: bag, 2 straps for attaching to bars, Velcro strap you can wrap around cables, shoulder strap.

Quickly installs with the two straps that work sorta like a belt buckle.  I tried it on several bikes including my Raleigh Sports, Hybrid bike, Surly drop bar bike, and Felt Z75 disc.  Fits fine on all of them.  Comes with a shoulder strap so you can easily take it off the bike and bring with you. 


Easy access to inside the bag without getting off your bike, just stop and reach inside

IPX5 Waterproof

Thick, quality tarpaulin material

Internal mesh pocket for small items

Easy to install

Fits on all my bikes

Big, 3-3.5 liter capacity

Shoulder carry strap

Bright yellow for safety, also comes in black

Reflective strips

Place to mount headlight


Not going to be aero

Fits lots of bikes

Craft Cadence Bar Bag On Raleigh Sports

I like this bag and think it’s perfect for your cruiser bikes where you are not worried about aero dynamics.  I plan to use it mostly with my Raleigh Sports.  I think it is kinda like a modern basket.  I’m confident it will keep everything nice and dry inside. 


I’m gonna give this bag a 5 out of 5 stars.  You can get yours on the Craft Cadence website:

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  1. Bit on the big side for me and also a bit on the YELLOW! side also 😉

    I do like the small cylindrical bags you can get but they all seem way overpriced for what they are!

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