Charge Knife Titanium Rails Bike Saddle Review

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I decided it was time to upgrade my Surly saddle to one with titanium rails.  I wanted something that was pretty light and had a nice, normal sort of look.  Plus of course I needed it to be affordable.  After scouring the internet for options, I landed on the Charge Knife Titanium railed saddle.  This one is very similar to the Charge Spoon, but it’s the race version which has less padding and is a bit lighter.  There seems to be enough padding on the knife as long as your using padded shorts.  Here are some pics of my Knife:

Charge Knife Saddle Titanium Rails


Titanium rails

Synthetic Leather top

Low profile padding with pressure relief groove

Size: 280x140mm

Weight: 240 grams


I like the look

Comfortable with padded riding shorts

Price: one of the cheapest titanium railed saddles


Weight of mine is higher than advertised.  It is typically advertised as 190-220 grams depending on the seller, mine weighs 240 grams.  Still light for the money.


I took this one out for quite a few long rides and found it quite comfortable.  I even managed to get great balance with my fit.

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Because this saddle has a swooped tail, I leveled mine through the relief groove.  This gave me a slight nose up from the middle of the saddle forward, but the rear is still higher than the front.  This set up really keeps me in place on the saddle. 


Ok so I love this saddle so for.  I’d like to give it a perfect rating, but due to the weight being higher than advertised I’m giving it a 4.5-star rating.  

Universal Cycles has a good price.

Cheap lightweight titanium railed road bike saddle.

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  1. Looks like a nice saddle. Its interesting how peoples preferences differ in saddles, I couldn‘t imagine using a saddle without a cut-out – it really is an art to find the right one.

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