Vintage Kabuki Bicycles History and Facts

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Kabuki bikes were imported from Japan and manufactured by Bridgestone.  In the 70s I believe they were imported by C. Itoh.  These bikes went from entry level to high end.  The brand seems to disappear in the 80s sometime around when Bridgestone USA shows up with the Bridgestone brand. I’m guessing maybe Bridgestone didn’t want both brands around so stopped selling to C. Itoh.

Kabuki Bikes

One of their most interesting bikes is the Submariner.  This bike had aluminum lugs with stainless steel tubing.  Pretty unique for its time.  Otherwise, the Submariner was a mid-level bike. 

Kabuki Submariner


BK-6 – BMX bike

Diamond Formula D – top of the line road bike

Diamond Road – top of the line road bike

Diamond Tourer – top of the line touring bike

Diamond Track – track bike

Junior Sport – kids road bike

Skyway – entry-level road bike

SSK – entry-level road bike

Submariner – mid-level road bike

Super Light – lower mid-level road bike

Super Speed – entry-level road bike


Bridgestone bicycles is the same company we all know for tires.

Kabuki bikes with aluminum lugs used an expanding wedge seatpost.


There isn’t a huge following for Kabuki bikes. Other than the top-of-the-line models, they don’t have a lot of value. The other bikes in really good condition are probably $100-200 depending on the model. Top models in good condition are probably valued around $300 depending on the market.

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