Vintage Freccia D’oro Bicycle Saddle

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Freccia D’oro is Italian and translates as Golden Arrow.  This saddle seems to be a bit of a mystery regarding who manufactured it.  My saddle only states Freccia D’oro, nothing else.  It does seem to be the only style I have seen with this name. 

Freccia D’oro Road Bike Saddle

Made in Italy – mine doesn’t state anything, but I’ve seen several people reference theirs says made in Italy.  

Manufacturer – I found an image of one that does state San Marco Made in Italy.  So, at some point Selle San Marco likely made these, but not sure if they were the original maker.

Years made – seems like this saddle is mostly found on road bikes from the 70s, I believe it to be the original on my 1972 Bottecchia Giro D’Italia.  I’ve seen it referenced as being the saddle for mostly French and Italian road bikes.

Construction – thick plastic shell(vinyl?) with steel rails.  It does have a bolt for adjusting how much give it has.  The top is very rounded and makes mine pretty stiff, not sure if they had more give when new.  Could be that plastic has hardened up over the years.  Shell has slits for attaching a saddle.

Comfort – some people like it, others say it is painful.  I’ll give my opinion after I get some miles on it.

Colors – black seems to be by far the most popular.  I have seen a picture of a brown one and I saw someone claim they came in white(haven’t seen an image). 

Similiar to Cinelli Unicanitor – The Unicanitor seems to be the most popular road bike saddle of the 70s, the Freccia D’oro seems to be very similar in design and construction. 

Size – 10.75” long and about 5.5” wide at the widest point.

Weight – 363 grams

That’s all I have been able to dig up, love to hear any comments with more information.

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