Vintage Azuki Bicycles History and Facts

Azuki is similar to Nishiki as both brands were distributed by West Coast Cycle and manufactured by Kawamura in Japan.  From what I have seen they mostly made road bikes, but I found some cruisers and BMX bikes also.  I believe this brand was much less popular than Nishiki, as I see way fewer for sale out in the local market or even on Ebay.  Japan was making some good bikes during this period, so they should be quality made.  I think the brand started in the early to mid-70s and seems to have disappeared sometime in the 80s. 


Century – entry level road bike

Classic – entry level road bike

Duster – BMX bike

Elite – mid level touring bike

Gran Sport – entry level road bike

Gran Sport Mixte – mixte cruiser

Imperial – mid level road bike

Raider – BMX bike

Rally Sport – entry level road bike


I don’t think there is much of a following for Azuki, though Japanese bikes of this period do have a following.  While I saw it suggested they had a full line and there might be higher level bikes out there, the best I could find evidence for are mid-level road bikes.  In my area most models in good condition are worth about $100.  The Elite and Imperial in excellent condition might get up to $200.


Azuki Gran Sport

Azuki Gran Sport

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