Vintage Sutton Bicycles History and Facts

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Sutton bicycle is a lesser-known brand that was sold mostly in New York.  The brand was owned by TSS Seedman’s which was a department store chain in NY.  Wilcox International was the import company for Seeman’s.  I believe all the bikes were made in Japan by Kawamura and/or Zebrakenko.  Because they are department store bikes, I believe most models are entry level and all I have found are road bikes.  The brand has a great looking head badge.

Sutton Head Badge

The bikes I have seen all appear to be from the 70s though the brand may have made it into the 80s.  Seeman’s also owned the Royce Union and Savoy brands.

Here is a nice bike which is owned by my friend’s sister.  I have not been able to determine the model, but it is quite nice for a 70’s entry level road bike, here are some pictures:

Sutton Road Bike

I believe it is a 1978 model with Shimano and SR components.  I like the orange color and the lined lugs.  Derailleurs are Shimano 500, and the crank is SR Silstar.  Tubing is high tension double butted. 


Racer – entry level road bike

Super 10 – entry level road bike

Supreme – mid-level road bike


I don’t believe any of these bikes would have a great value as I don’t think the brand has a following.  So, I would guess they are worth about $100 in really good condition.  Nice, affordable vintage bikes, Japanese made bikes from this period have a good reputation for quality.  

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