Racine-Sturtevant Bike Path

Last Updated on July 4, 2023 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

Wanted to share another of the many bike paths in the area.  This one is the Racine-Sturtevant bike path.  A nice, paved path that covers about 3.5 miles going east and west and connects to other trails.  The east end is at West Blvd in Racine and starts at the North Shore trail.  The west end is around Willow Rd in Sturtevant.  At the west end you can go onto the Pike River Pathway trail.  Here are some maps:

The west side is a bit more scenic. The east has more houses and businesses around. Here are some pics:

I would love to post any images of your favorite routes.  Send picture and location info to bikerjima@gmail.com.  I will likely have to resize it a bit.  I will also list who submitted if you wish, or it can be anonymous.  Waiting excitedly for images. 

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