Costco Freetown Lumiere 2 Bicycle Helmet Review

Check out this nice bicycle helmet I picked up at Costco for only $20:

This one is the blue helmet, but it also comes in white and black.  Think I got a steal price on this, but the normal price in store looks to be $30.  This one I bought for my daughter who likes it a lot.  Has all the normal straps and suspension which is easy to adjust.  Even has a neat light on the back that can either stay on or flash.  Would have got one for myself if they had a brighter color.  Still might just get a black one if I find them for $20 again. 

We give this product a FAB rating of 5 gnomes if you can find it at the $20 price.  We will say 4 gnomes for $30 as it’s still a nice helmet, and that’s a good price for MIPS.  And who couldn’t use a brain protection system?  Oh, and I kind a dig the Freetown double rooster logo.

22 thoughts on “Costco Freetown Lumiere 2 Bicycle Helmet Review

    1. That’s a good question. I don’t know enough about it to say, but I’ve been using a non MIPs helmet for years so I guess it’s probably better than that.


    2. All bicycle helmets sold in the U.S. must meet the U.S. CPSC safety standards. So from a safety perspective, this helmet is as safe as the $200 Giro.

      The Giro costs more because of the name, styling, colours available, better ventilation etc.

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    3. No, it’s clearly isn’t, but ALMOST ANY helmet is better than none. My Freetown Luminere 2 helmet saved me from a terrible head injury when I fell in an offroad trail, with no cell service and I broke my left humerus a mile from home. I had to walk out of the woods to get help.

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      1. Well said, Ann! I didn’t realize it had the mips protection in there which is pretty amazing for $20. And actually my comment should have said $100 for a Giro although I guess that might have been on sale. Wish it came in a brighter color. I wonder if the light is rechargeable or requires batteries.

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      1. Nice. They’re cheaper than kind, but in all honesty there’s so much damn sugar in the Kirkland bars it negates the health benefits. Definitely a shit ton better tasting tho.

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