Antique English Bicycle Wrenches

Last Updated on May 21, 2021 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

I’ve been looking for a good deal on some of these old English bicycle wrenches ever since I got my Raleigh bikes and finally found some.  Check these out:

Antique English Bicycle Wrenches

From my vast amounts of research, I have found out that these are basically old school multi tools you would get with your bike purchase.  Each tool would be for all the fasteners on the bike. 

The first one I have is in real good shape and could almost be new.  It is stamped with “T.D.C. Made in England”.  It appears to fit my 1974 Raleigh Sports nuts, so I think it is all Whitworth.  For those that don’t know, Whitworth is what England used before metric.  I think the oval shaped notch may be for removing the bottom bracket.  I believe the TDC is for T.D. Cross and Sons which was founded in 1870 in Birmingham and are still in business as Cross + Morse now.  They used to make bicycle components for the old English bikes.    

The second wrench is rusted and much more worn looking, it may be much older.  It also appears to be Whitworth.  Not sure what all this one would do, but it looks to have a lockring tool on it.  It doesn’t fit the bottom bracket lockring on my Raleigh, could be for a Sturmey Archer hub. 

Both are just under 6” long and I think a really neat piece of history.  I can only guess at this point that both are 1970s or older.  They will likely be handy to have around now that I have some old English bikes.  Kinda want to figure out a fun way to display them.   

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