1974 Schwinn Le Tour Kool Lemon

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I saw this bike and just had to buy it. This is my 1974 Schwinn Le Tour painted in kool lemon.  A cool yellow Schwinn bike made in Japan with a French name.  Here it is just after I brought it home:

1974 Schwinn Le Tour

I haven’t done much except add a saddle and post.  It needs a little bit of cleanup and some paint touchup, but it rides nicely.  Has good tires and is supposed to have been recently tuned up with new cables and housing.  The 27 x 1 ¼ tires absorb road bumps nicely.  I need to get used to the friction shifters, but they are pretty neat.  Here are some more pictures I took. 

1974 Schwinn Le Tour Kool Lemon

I love all the great branding on this bike, both the derailleurs are branded Le Tour.  Much of the rest of the bike has lots of Schwinn branding and even some Shimano.  The lugged frame alone is a thing of beauty, but all the clamps and even the water bottle cage are fine art.  And how about that little bit of chrome at the end of the fork? Here is some info from the 1974 Schwinn catalog:

  •  Fully lugged brazes lightweight frame
  • Butted top and bottom tubes
  • Quick release aluminum alloy hubs
  • Aluminum alloy crank set
  • Center pull alloy caliper brakes
  • Schwinn-Approved 27″ x 1 1/4″ Puff Gumwall tires

…and it weighs onl 30-32 lbs. depending on kickstand, and frame size.

The ideal bike for those bicyclists who especially factor, as well as performance. The new Schwinn-Approved Le Tour is an exceptional buy in lightweight ten-speed bikes. Imported by Schwinn!

I’m guessing this is one of the earliest, if not first imported Schwinn bike models as the US factory was still going strong.  I believe these were made by Panasonic and all the components are early Shimano.

Mine must weigh around the 30lb mark as it is the smallest size with a 21” frame.  The standover height is right about 31”.  It has 10 speeds with a double in the front and 5 gears in the back.  I will probably get some new, more black tape for the bars and maybe get an original Schwinn seat for it.  Other than that, I will ride it and enjoy looking at it. 

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