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Last week I found myself in desperate need of a 25.4mm seatpost preferably in silver.  I looked around at all the websites for the local shops and found that South Shore Cyclery in Cudahy had one.  It’s a little bit of a drive so I called ahead, and somebody answered quickly and confirmed it was in stock.  So off I went and it’s a pretty easy place to find. 

Upon entering it was a nice busy shop with a good number of new bikes and some racking with lots of what appeared to be vintage bikes and a sign for a bike museum.  Well now this was really cool as I had no idea it was here.  Now the vintage bikes had grabbed most my attention, but the shop seemed to have a good inventory of everything a cyclist might need. 

By the time I got to the back of the shop I had a gentleman asking me how he could help.  Told him I needed what I think is a 25.4mm seatpost for the Schwinn I was pushing around the shop.  He used the tool for post measuring and went to look for the part.  Came back with one they had around for testing the size and it fit well so I bought myself a nicely priced and much needed seatpost.  He asked if I needed anything else and I said I think I’m good but would wander around for a bit. 

So, I put my bike back in the car and upon reentering headed to the museum section.  And what a glorious collection it is.  I’m not sure how many bikes there are, but it was a lot.  I even got to see two tall bikes and a bone shaker!  It was really too much for me to take in as I couldn’t hangout all day, but I plan to go back the next time I need a part.  I recommend anyone in the area use the shop and take a look at the museum bikes.  Here are a few pics I took:

To the Left
To the Right
Shelby Eagle Head Badge
1880s Rudge Penny Farthing
1867 Bone Shaker

Here is their website and info:

South Shore Cyclery

4758 South Packard Ave.
Cudahy, WI, 53110


Here is another website for the museum:

Check this place out! 

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