Bikehand bicycle repair stand review

Last Updated on June 4, 2021 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

One of the first tools I bought when I decided I was going to do most my bike repairs was a stand.  I didn’t want to go super cheap, but I knew I wasn’t going real expensive either.  After searching around and reading reviews I landed on the Bikehand repair stand.  Here are some pics of mine:

I have had it for about 3 years now and it has met all my expectations.  It extends up if you are working on the lower parts of your bike so you can be more comfortable.  It tilts in any angle you could want, and it even folds up quite small.  I haven’t been using the small tool shelf that comes with it, but it could be useful.  Just installed it after taking the pictures actually as I found it in the toolbox.  You can get yours from Amazon:

Bikehand Bike Repair Stand (Max 55 lbs) – Home Portable Bicycle Mechanics Workstand – AMAZON

You might not need a repair stand for many repairs, but you sure could use one for most of them.  Don’t suffer through repairs without one. 

Because it’s a pretty good price and has worked well for a several years now I am giving it a FAB rating of 5 gnomes.  A good option if you want to be frugal and still get a quality stand.

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