2016 Nishiki Maricopa Road Bike

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This is the bike I bought when I decided I wanted to try road cycling.  At the time I wasn’t certain my back could take it, so I didn’t want to spend a lot.  I also didn’t know that much about fixing bikes, so I didn’t really want to mess with used.  After searching around, I discovered this nicely priced bike at Dick’s Sporting Goods:

2016 Nishiki Maricopa Road Bike

 It’s a very entry level road bike, but it worked great for me.  It is mostly Shimano’s Claris groupset which proved to be very reliable.  The crank is FSA and the brakes seemed to be generic unbranded.  A great affordable road bike for the beginner.  Here are a few more pictures:

This bike helped me discover I really like road cycling, and I eventually upgraded to my Felt Z75 Disc.  For a while the Nishiki became my dedicated Trainer bike.  Then I built my own trainer bike using Sora components and didn’t need the Nishiki anymore, so it has moved on to another home.  Hopefully it is spreading a love of road cycling there too.

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