RockBros Photochromic cycling glasses review

Cycling glasses are a great accessory for comfort and safety.  My favorite glasses are the Rockbros photochromic cycling glasses.  Have a look at mine:

Rockbros Photochromic Cycling Glasses

These are comfortable and they are clear or darker based on the amount of sunlight.  I really like this feature as I often start or end rides in different light conditions and don’t want to be changing glasses mid ride.  Since I use my Bike Peddler cycling mirror on my glasses it’s not easy to just change glasses.  So, these are a great compliment to the mirror.  Here are some specs:

Unisex styling for men or women.

Nice rubber frame for comfort. 

Only weigh 29 grams.

Polycarbonate lens is photochromic and polarized to help with glare.

UV coating to protect

Clarity vision: transmittance from 80% to 18%.

I don’t think they ever get super dark, but I’m not normally too big on sunglasses.  Riding is really the only time I wear them.  I think these are pretty affordable and come in red, green, and blue.

Get yours today at Amazon:

RockBros Unisex Photochromic Cycling Glasses – AMAZON

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