Nor Door Cyclery Fish Creek Wisconsin

When I go to Door County in Wisconsin, I like to visit Peninsula State Park and go for a bike ride.  I don’t have a good way to travel with all our bikes and luggage, so we rent bikes right outside Peninsula State Park at Nor Door Cyclery.  Both times it’s been a been a good experience.  They have a nice selection of bikes outside and what I think are reasonable rates.  Being right outside the park makes it really convenient.  Most importantly the bikes have worked great both times.  All bikes come with a nice bag on the bars if you need to carry some stuff. I recommend this place if you need to rent a bike in the area.  Park has a nice recreational bike path and mountain bike trails.  Plus, I’m sure some good road cycling to be had in the area.  Here are some pics:

The shop is located at:

4007 WI-42, Fish Creek, WI 54212

9 thoughts on “Nor Door Cyclery Fish Creek Wisconsin

  1. I’m a big fan of renting bikes at places I visit, rather than trying to transport my own bike. I especially like the urban bike-sharing systems such as Vélib’ in Paris and Vélo’v in Lyon.

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