Morning Bike Ride Benefits

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Looking for a great way to start your morning?  How about a glorious bike ride?  I can’t think of a better way to start your day.  It’s how I start virtually every day.  I wake up at about 5:30am and throw on some riding clothes and hit the road.  The air is freshest in the morning and the temperature is usually the most pleasant of the day (during the summer).  The sun is still low so not to bother your eyes.  And take a look at this morning sun:

Morning Sun

It is quieter in the early morning and much fewer cars driving around to get in the way.  The perfect time to get that heart pumping and clear your head.  I get that green ring completed before I even shower for the day.  And it feels great to have that exercise out of the way.  Plus, you are more likely to see some animal life, take a look at this little guy: 


And what better way to insure you do your favorite activity of the day than to start with it?  The crazy world has less time to mess up your plans that way.  Start the day happy with some cycling, it will make you healthier physically and mentally.  If everybody did the world would no doubt be a better place.

I wonder if the sun is going to rise every morning. Then it dawns on me.

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35 thoughts on “Morning Bike Ride Benefits

      1. As my bike is my main source of transportation and I go the long route to my favorite Internet cafe that means I have to ride back home. I choose the long route as it means I get more bike time in. It helps that the bike riding helps my neck arthritis a great deal.

  1. I envy you and your morning lark abilities! As much as I love the idea of waking up everyday at 5:30 am to do anything: run, yoga, a bike ride, the idea doesn’t seem to love me. I’m such a night owl.

      1. Well, I watched the sunrise on my balcony in my rocking chair so I’m just a few feet away from my 🥊 punching bag in the garage. I might just go grab my gloves and box a bit!

  2. Green with envy here.
    I’m up by 4:30 and exercise my fingers on the keyboard. Only time for stationary bicycle these days.
    I cycled one through a forest near Nuremberg. Blissful. I know what you mean.
    Thank you for the images.

  3. Daily morning rides are now part of my new diet/exercise routine. I have a groundhog who I see daily, and also enjoy the other critters who are out. Appreciate your sharing this post. 🙂

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