Marque Adjustable Bike Torque Wrench Review

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Now this is one of my favorite tools that I wish I had bought earlier.  There are obviously lots of fasteners with a torque spec for bikes, so it gets a lot of use.  Previously I had used a small torque wrench with a needle and a ruler you would watch to achieve the right torque.  Very simple, and it worked fine, but my eyes aren’t so good for watching the tiny lines anymore.  And even worse all my fasteners don’t face up, so often you are tightening at weird angles and sitting upside down trying to watch the needle.  This tool makes that all so much easier.  Have a look:

Marque Adjustable Bike Torque Wrench

It works very simply.  You use an Allen key to turn the setting to 4, 5, or 6 Nm of torque.  Once it’s set you just turn the fastener till it clicks and you are done.  It has a very nice click that you can hear and feel so it’s obvious when you are done.  No putting yourself in crazy positions to try and watch the needle either.  And it’s really small and maneuverable, just like using a t handle Allen tool. 

Now you might be thinking it’s really limited by just being 4, 5, or 6 Nm, but those numbers really cover a lot on a bike.  And it seems to cover most the ones that involve you being at a weird angle to turn them. 

Comes with 3, 4, and 5 mm Allen hex keys and a T 25 Torx key.  These all store nicely in the handle.   So far I’ve never had a need for any other keys, so I think it’s a really good selection.

I’ve had this for a couple years now and I even built a bike using it.  Plus, it’s one of the cheapest torque wrenches of this kind you will find.  We give it a FAB rating of 5 Gnomes.  Get yours today on Amazon:

MARQUE Adjustable Bike Torque Wrench – 4, 5, 6 Nm Dial – AMAZON

Every bicycle mechanic should have one. 

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  1. Nothing like a good tool! If you want to spend big bucks for a torque wrench you can carry anywhere, check out the Silca T-Rachet and Ti Torque Kit. Nothing from Silca is cheap, but I’m still using a 47 year old pump from them.

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