1960 Schwinn Speedster Bicycle Green

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Now this is what I would call an extremely reliable and practical bicycle.  First, it’s a vintage Schwinn so you know it was built to last.  It’s also a single speed with a coaster brake, also very reliable.  The most maintenance this thing has probably ever needed is lubing the chain.  And it’s got the nice full fenders for practicality.  A real nice, comfortable bike for sure, have a look:

1960 Schwinn Speedster Bicycle Green

This bike has the 26” wheels and tires which I’m sure dampen many of the road bumps very nicely.  Top tube is 22” and the seat tube is 18”.  Color is green with white highlights.  Here is the original catalog listing for the Speedster:

1960 Schwinn Speedster Catalog

The style of the frame is called cantilever and it came in red, blue, green, and black.  With 26” wheels you could also get it in 2 or 3 speed.  24” came in either 2 speed or coaster brake, and the 20” kids’ version was only coaster brake.  A really nice example of an old reliable Schwinn.

Images donated by South Shore Cyclery

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