1971 Schwinn Deluxe Stingray Kids Bicycle

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Check out this real American classic bike.  A 1971 Schwinn Deluxe Stingray bicycle with 20” wheels.  Some kid was rolling cool with this one.  Lemon color is yellow metal flake.  Have a look at this beauty:

1971 Schwinn Deluxe Stingray Lemon

Chrome plated fenders, cantilever frame, bucket saddle, and built-in kickstand.  Reliable single speed with coaster brake.  Colors available were Campus green, sky blue, and lemon. 

Suggested retail price with coaster brake $67.95

I’m a little bit too young to have had one of these, but I remember seeing them around.  By the time I got a bike all the kids road BMX bikes.  But I can really see why these were popular for so long.  This was made in the Chicago factory.

From the Schwinn Catalog:


Designed primarily for fun. Featuring high maneuverability, short turns, quick starts and stops. With small wheels, short wheel-base, high-rise handlebars and long saddle struts. Responsive to ride, with the pep and control of a line sports car.

Images donated by South Shore Cyclery

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  1. Sadly, these days the newer models are in metric. I purchased a bike recently that was in metric and found it was cheaper to order the inner tubes from France than purchase them locally.

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