Continental Rim Tape Easy Tape 18mm Review

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I decided to try something different for rim tape with my new Wheel Master Zac 19 wheels and went with Continental Easy Tape.  It’s a neat product, made from a slightly rubbery plastic material.  It is high pressure tape for up to 220psi.  The size I went with is 18mm, and I think it’s a real good fit for the Weinmann Zac 19 rims.  I think the strip itself is recommending the tape for 15-18mm internal width rims.  I wasn’t sure if this would work with Schrader valves, but they do fit tightly through the valve hole in the tape.  Here it is:

Continental Easy Tape 18mm Rim Tape


Installation is a little weird compared to regular old rim tape.  It’s a complete circle and fits pretty tight on the rim.  The potential problem is getting the tape on, but not having the tape hole line up with the valve hole on the rim.  You need to start the tape at the rim hole and put your tube valve through it to hold the hole in place.  Now that you have your valve inserted, start wrapping the tape around both sides.  You want to end the tape at the opposite side of the rim from the valve hole.  This will keep the tape hole at the valve hole in the rim.  You will have to pull the tape tightly to get it on sort of like installing a tire.  Just be sure to pull it over the rim on the opposite side of the valve hole so it doesn’t misalign the holes when you are pulling.  I did use a screwdriver and centered it in the rim at a few spots.

So far it seems like a good product, and I have both tires installed with no issues. 

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