Vintage Bianchi Bicycles History and Facts

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Bianchi is the oldest bicycle manufacturer in the world.  Started in 1885 by Edoardo Bianchi in Milan, Italy.  He was only 21 years old when he started the business in his small shop.  He thought bicycles should have the same size tires in front and back.  Seems he was right. 

Bianchi Head Badge

Bianchi sponsored Giovanni Tommasello who would go on to win the Grand Prix De Paris sprint competition in 1899.  They would continue to sponsor great riders and their popularity grew.  In 1935 they were making 70,000 bicycles a year. 

They are still making great bicycles.

Bianchi – Performance bicycles since 1885

Check out this vintage Bianchi Road Bike:

Vintage Bianchi Road Bike

Vintage Models

Campione D’Italia

1987 Bianchi Campione D’Italia

Campione del Mondo




1989 Bianchi Giro


Bianchi Grizzly

Nuovo Alloro


Rekord 848



Sport SX


Strada LX

Super Leggera

Tipo Corsa




What is the Bianchi color?

Bianchi Celeste

The color most associated with Bianchi is Celeste. The color is different depending on the time period. It started as a pale sky blue and is sometimes a turquoise.

How many times has a Bianchi rider won the Tour de France?

Bianchi has 3 wins. 2 by Fausto Coppi and 1 by Marco Pantini.

I’ll be looking for more great vintage Bianchi bikes to add.

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