Have a braze-on front derailleur and no braze-on?  You need an adapter clamp

So front derailleurs are either clamped on or they attach to a braze-on.  I’ve never owned a bike with a braze-on, so mine are all clamped on. 

What type of front derailleur do you need?

If you have a braze-on frame you need a braze-on derailleur.  If you don’t have a braze-on, you can either shop for the specific front derailleur you want with the correct size clamp or buy a braze-on derailleur and use an adapter clamp.  The clamp has to fit the diameter of the seat tube.  My Surly Cross check for example uses a 28.6mm clamp.  Here is the one I’m using:

Front Derailleur Braze-On Adapter Clamp

This one is nice because you can have it clamped to the seat tube and still adjust because it has the long slot that allows it to be adjusted vertically.  Here is a nice one you can get on Amazon:


Be sure to get the right clamp size.

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