1971 Schwinn Sting-Ray Campus Green

1971 Schwinn Sting-Ray Campus Green

Classic Schwinn Sting-Ray in campus green color.  This is the bike every kid wanted during the time period.  Short wheelbase for fast turns.  This is the coaster brake version; it also came in 3 and 5 speed.  MAG sprocket, chrome fenders, and Schwinn tubular rims.  A cool vintage kid’s bike. 

Originally retailed for $59.95

13 thoughts on “1971 Schwinn Sting-Ray Campus Green

  1. My first new bike came when I was 21. All the previous bikes were hand-me-downs or shared. The way I saw it, only rich kids got Sting Rays. (The forward-tilted saddle in your photo looks really uncomfortable.) I once tried to sell greeting cards in order to earn a 5 speed bike. My dad thought all those gears were ridiculous. (I failed to sell enough, but did get a gasoline-powered airplane that flew in a circle on strings.)

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