Vintage Sanwa Bicycles

Sanwa is a bicycle brand that was owned by Wisconsin Cycle Supply starting in 1977.  From what I have seen these were all road bikes imported from Japan.  Wisconsin Cycle was a distributor from Sheboygan, Wisconsin that distributed bikes, another brand they used was Timberlin.  Riteway would buy Wisconsin Cycle Supply in the 80s and I believe that is when the brand disappeared.  Riteway was later bought by GT. 

Sanwa Head Badge

Sanwa was also the name of a manufacturer in Japan, possibly the company that was used to manufacture the bikes for Wisconsin Cycle.  I’ve seen a lot of people connect Sanwa, Sekine, and Yamaguchi.  I believe Yamaguchi merged with Sekine who then later merged with Sanwa.  The Sanwa factory closed in 1997. 

Sanwa bikes were sold in bike shops, and I believe by Montgomery Wards. 

Here is a really nice 1980s Sanwa 700 road bike:

1980s Sanwa 700 Road Bike

The frame uses Tange Champion #2 tubing.  Components are Suntour ARx, Sugino GT crank, Dia-Compe brakes, Araya rims, and Sanshin hubs. 

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