Bicycle cable housing cutter tool Red Handle Review

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Here is a cable housing cutter that I bought a few years ago.  It seems to be offered under many different names:

Bike Cable Housing Cutter Tool

It is generally always sold as some sort of cable housing cutting multi-tool.  Some of the brands I’ve seen with what looks like the same tool are vbestlife, dilwe, gtkingd, and korada on Amazon.  They generally sell for $10-20 dollars.  I’m not entirely sure what all the functions are.  The main jaws are for cutting housing.  The circle below the jaws I’ve seen referenced for cutting 4mm housing or cables.  Just above the spring is the crimper for ends.  Just above the grips is a cylinder with a pin in it for opening up the housing after cutting.  The side notches I believe are for cutting spokes. 


About 6” long

Stainless steel

Plastic handle

The Good

Cuts cable housing pretty well

Works well as a crimper for ends

Spring for opening cutting jaws

The Ok

Pin for opening up the housing works ok, but prefer just using a pick

Haven’t tried to cut a spoke so not sure

The Bad

None of the options seem to work well for cutting cable, lots of fraying

For your money it’s a decent enough tool.  I’m going to rate it 3 gnomes out of 5.  You can get yours on Amazon:

Dilwe Bicycle Cable Housing Cutter Tool – AMAZON

I will say that if I were to do it again, I would probably just spend a bit more and get the Park Tool for this one.  I ended up buying another tool as a cable cutter, so I think I’d have been better off spending some more and having one good tool.  Plus, this one doesn’t give me the impression it’s going to work well for years to come.

Park Tool CN-10 cable and housing cutting tool – AMAZON

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