Knog Oi Classic Bicycle Bell Silver Review

Last Updated on April 23, 2022 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

Are you looking for a bike bell for a road bike?  I think I have found the perfect one.  Normal bells just wouldn’t look right on a road bike, so I searched all over for a bell that would actually look good.  After many hours of research, I landed on the Knog Oi Classic Bicycle Bell.  It’s a bit more pricey than typical bells, but it really looks great, check it out:

Knog Oi Classic Bicycle Bell Silver


Stainless steel, high tensile spring

Aircraft grade aluminum ringer

Reinforced nylon mount

M4 hex screw for tightening

Weight: 25 grams for the large

The Good

Looks great

Sounds good

Low profile

Easy To Install

Cable notches for housing

4 colors: black, silver, copper, and brass

The bad

It costs more than cheap bells, but it’s less than $20

Knog Oi Classic Bicycle Bell Video

Update: finally had good weather and I took a trail ride when it was really busy. Used it 5-6 times and each time they people heard it, looked around, and moved out of the way. It was really windy so I was a little surprised it worked so well.

FAB rated the Best road bike bell

I really like this bell and rate it a full 5 gnomes out of 5.  You can get yours on Amazon:

Knog Oi Classic Bicycle Bell – AMAZON

My friend has a dog who goes and sits in the corner every time the doorbell rings. He’s a boxer.

9 thoughts on “Knog Oi Classic Bicycle Bell Silver Review

  1. I am a fan of bells. Calling out “On your left” results in more people veering left into your path than the opposite. The bell doesn’t seem to startle people and they seem to have an easier time placing the sound in space, moving naturally to the right if I approach on their left. My bell allows me to modulate the volume depending on how I thumb the striker, which lets me be subtle or obvious, as conditions demand. Thanks for your insight on the Knog.

    1. Yeah I never know what to say. Usually just excuse me. I too found on your left seems to make people move to the left. Hoping bell works better. Road the paths today but no opportunity to try it yet.

  2. I think people would label me “anti-bell”. I should probably be banned and flogged 100 times with a wet noodle… I ride on the road where I don’t have to worry about people veering into me. Paths are far too dangerous for anyone traveling above eight to ten miles per hour.

    1. You have lots of turns and poor visibility on your paths? Here they are fine for fast rides early in the morning. Definitely too much traffic on really nice days at prime times.

      1. We actually have only one path near my home but getting to it on a bike would be exceedingly dangerous (though I’ve done it before). It’s been a decade since I rode that one. There’s another, about an hour north of my place that’s great. It’s straight, though. A rail trail. You can see for more than a mile on most of it. That said, any sound of any kind (bell or not) announcing a cyclist’s approach usually has pedestrians moving into the cyclist’s path. It’s like moth’s to flame. Can’t help it.

  3. Any bell I use would have to ring loudly due to the surrounding traffic intersections that I most likely would use it at. Anyway, thanks for the reminder do this task for safety.

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