Microshift Centos R10 2X10 Drop Bar Shifters Review

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I was looking for a silver groupset that was also affordable for my Surly Cross Check build and landed on the Microshift Centos/R10 group.  My shifters are the older Centos 10 speed version, but they are the same as the newer R10 shifters.  I’ve been really happy with these shifters.  I was worried that I wouldn’t like how they shift, or it would mess up my shifting when I’m on one of my Shimano bikes.  So far, no issues switching between bikes, and I may actually like how these shift better.  Have a look at these beautiful shifters:

Microshift R10 Shifter

My version has the nice silver cold forged brake levers, but if you prefer, they also come with a more modern look black lever.  Shifting is done by two separate levers.  The smaller one is an easy click, and you will shifter to the smaller cogs or chainring.  The front does have trimming, so I do have to click twice to shift to the smaller chainring.  The first click just trims it a little.  The larger shift lever moves the chain to the larger cogs or chainring. 

I find the hoods to be quite comfy, and replacement rubber is available.  I know it can be hard to get hood replacements for old Shimano 10 speed shifters.  I like the external shift cable routing as it is more of an old school look, but it’s also easer to change a cable and housing if you have to. 

Weight: 410 grams for both.

Perfect replacement for old Shimano 10 speed shifters

If you have an old Shimano 10-speed group and need new shifters, these should be a perfect replacement.  They are Shimano compatible and new.  The only other option I know about is buying used replacements which could fail quickly as they are already worn.  They also offer 3X10 shifters if that’s what your bike has. I would definitely use this to replace any of my 5600 or 6600 Shimano. 

Here are their installation instructions which I used for my install:

I’m running these with a R10 rear derailleur, Centos front derailleur and Microshift cassette.  Everything was easy to install and is working really well.  Very happy with my choice.  You can get them on Amazon:

Microshift R10 Drop Bar Shift Levers – AMAZON

Microshift R10 Drop Bar Shift Levers – AMAZON

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