Raleigh English Bicycles Sign Metal

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This is a great item for anyone interested in vintage bicycles, especially English bicycles.  Have a look at this cool vintage look sign:

Raleigh Bicycles Metal Sign

It is made of metal and painted to look old.  I think they did a pretty good job with it. 


11.8 x 7.8”

Has a hole in each corner for hanging, I used some copper tacks to easily put it up on the wall.  Really cool addition to my sign collection and gives the garage wall more classic bike feel. 

Great gift for the bicycle collector

Raleigh is a legend among vintage bicycle manufacturers.  Started back in 1887 making quality bikes at their Nottingham plant.  Eventually they owned several popular brands like Triumph, Hercules, BSA, and Robin Hood. 

You can get yours for a very affordable price on Amazon:

Raleigh English Bicycles Sign – AMAZON

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  1. My first bicycle was a Raleigh. It had an unusual wheel size. I was devastated when a delivery truck backed into it, essentially bent the front wheel, and I was unable to get a replacement. I got my first 10-speed after that.

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