1988 Raleigh Bicycle Catalog Scans

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Here are some scans of the 1988 catalog from Raleigh bikes. Lotta neat bikes in there. Catalog including front and back covers is 44 pages. Lots of useful specs if you are trying to make a bike full stock. Great look back in history. Enjoy:

Pages 1-24

Pages 23+

1988 Models

Vision mountain bike

Peak mountain bike

Chill mountain bike

Instinct mountain bike

Point mountain bike

Edge mountain bike

Rowdy kids mountain bike

Citylite urban bike

Skylite urban bike

Uptown urban bike

Horizon urban bike

Urban Assault urban bike

Scott Tinley Tri-lite road bike

Tri-lite Prestige road bike

Tri-lite Pro road bike

Tri-lite Comp road bike

Tri-lite Pre road bike

450 touring bike

Alyeska touring bike

Pursuit sport road bike

Record sport road bike

Capri sport road bike




Hyper Shock

Ultra Shock

Mag Shock

Electro Shock

Pro Reflex



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