Halo Retro Road Race Wheel Skewers Review

Last Updated on September 25, 2022 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

Its not easy to find vintage-look silver quick release skewers that are lighter than the regular old steel ones.  After much searching, I found these Halo retro skewers.  I think they nail the old school look and the weight quite well.  Have a look:

Halo Retro Road Race Quick Release Skewer
Halo Retro Skewer End Nut


Front: 100mm

Rear: 130mm

Weight for both: 131 grams

Cr-Mo rods and handle

Alloy cam housing and end nut

Made in Taiwan

Color: Chrome

Model number: HUHAQEH

Because I’m using them on a Surly, I asked Halo if they would work, and they confirmed it should work fine.  The dropouts on the Cross Check require a strong skewer.  I made the mistake of not making my old skewer tight enough before and the tire shifted out of alignment when I laid down some power.  I’ve got a few miles on these and so far, they have stayed in place.  I think the internal cam is key for a strong skewer.   For reference my old Joytech steel skewers weighed in at 189 grams for the pair, so these are almost 60 grams lighter. 

These aren’t yet available in the US, so I purchased them on Ebay from a UK seller.  Price seemed fair enough. Hopefully Halo USA starts carrying them.

Update: been putting a lot of miles and the Surly and the skewers have held tight, no issues.

Great vintage-look light weight chrome skewers!

I give them 5 out of 5 stars.  I’ll update the review if anything changes.

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