Filoto Cycling Belt Bike Bag Review

My Filoto cycling belt is my most used bike bag.  It’s not for carrying a ton of gear, but it’s great for carrying a phone, wallet, keys…  Most my rides I just bring my phone with so I can call for a ride if things go bad.  When I need to carry more emergency gear, I usually use my Sunhiker backpack. 

Since I have multiple bikes, the belt is great as it goes around my waste, and I don’t have to constantly move a bike bag from bike to bike.  It also saves a lot of money vs buying a bag for every bike. I just load up my phone, put the belt on and pick a bike.  Access to the bag is also very easy as its right at my waste.  Can quickly stop and dig out my phone without getting off my bike.  A saddle bag is much more difficult to access and generally requires getting off my bike. 

Favorite cycling bag

Check it out:

Filoto Cycling Belt


Water resistant

Easy to use buckle

Adjustable waste strap

Stretches to fit larger items

Fits close to body to stay aero

Lots of colors

Reflective for safety

Great for any physical activity including running


Lycra fabric

Fits waists 32-45”

Really great option for quick rides with just your phone.  And since it’s not on your bike you can use it for other activities like running, walking, hiking….

The bag has been working great for me, so I’m giving it 5 out of 5 stars.  I’ve had it for a few weeks now, I’ll update review if it fails me in the future.  Also, it’s not a fanny pack, it’s an athletic belt.  Get yours today on Amazon.

Filoto Cycling Belt – AMAZON

Why was the belt arrested? It held up a pair of pants!

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