Tektro CR720 Cantilever Brake Review

Last Updated on August 20, 2022 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

I installed Tektro CR720 brakes on my Surly Cross Check build and they work quite well.  They are considered cyclocross brakes by Tektro, and you can see why looking at them:

Tektro CR720 Cantilever Brakes

They have very strong braking, probably from the all the leverage from being so wide.  They are also easy to clean as you have easy access to them.  I found them to be easy to install and tune. 



Dual micro tension adjusters

Linear spring design

Come with straddle cable


Sand blasted silver or black anodized finish

Forged aluminum arms

Cartridge pads

126 grams

Lightest affordable cantilever brakes

I didn’t weigh mine, but according to the Tektro weight these are the lightest affordable cantilever brakes I have seen. 


I like these brakes, and they do everything they are supposed to.  I’m giving these a 5 out of 5 rating.  

Once you start buying cheap brakes…..

You won’t be able to stop

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3 thoughts on “Tektro CR720 Cantilever Brake Review

  1. I never understood (okay, from a marketing standpoint, I did) why cantilever brakes disappeared from the market, replaced by V-brakes (and now disc brakes). They were simple, reliable, elegant, and they worked. Bruce Gordon made some that were, I dare say, beautiful.

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