Camelbak Podium Chill Bike Water Bottle Review

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I’ve used a lot of different bike water bottles and have landed on the Camelbak Podium as my favorite.  It’s a nice, insulated bottle that comes in lots of colors and just works.  They even have a dirt series which comes with a nice cap for mountain biking.  Here are some pictures:

Camelbak Poldium Chill Water Bottles




Double wall insulated

Easy squeeze, more fluid less effort

Lock out cap

Easy cleaning, cap comes apart easily

Lots of colors


I have quite a few of these that I have used for a long time, and they work great.  They don’t leak and they can be easily taken apart for cleaning.  The Dirt Series even has a dirt cap which is easily removable for mountain biking.  They just work great!

The best bike water bottle


I’m giving these a full 5 stars.  The price is similar to other water bottles, but the performance is great.  Trust me, you don’t want a bottle that constantly leaks when you try to get water out of it.  The water comes out to your mouth, not dripping all over you.

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Camelbak Podium Chill Bike Water Bottle – AMAZON

Camelback Podium Dirt Series Bike Water Bottle – AMAZON

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