Panasonic Bicycle Company History and Facts

The history of the company behind Panasonic bikes goes all the way back to 1918 and starts with Matsushita Electric Manufacturing Works in Japan.  The company was founded by Konosuke Masushita who was adopted and raised by the owners of a bike shop.  His company began by making lightbulb sockets.  In 1935 the company would change its name to Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.   National became the first brand used in 1927, it wasn’t until 1955 that they began using the brand name Panasonic outside of Japan.  In 2008 they changed the company name to Panasonic.

The company’s history with bikes seems to start in 1927 when they start making bicycle lights.  It is not until 1951 that they begin making bicycle frames, and later bicycles in 1952.  Their bikes start hitting the USA through Panasonic USA and Schwinn in 1971.  In 1972 and 1973 they produce the Schwinn World Voyageur and World Traveler, two very nice bikes.  These are the first imported bikes from Schwinn.  Schwinn must have been happy with them because in 1974 they begin offering the Schwinn Approved Le Tour.  They would go on to make several models for Schwinn up through the 80s and maybe into the 90s until Taiwan sourced bikes take over.  By 1980 they were also making bikes for Raleigh and other companies like Centurion. 

In 1989 Panasonic pulled their brand out of the USA market mostly due to exchange rates between the Yen and Dollar. 


Aero Road 6000 Road Bike

Cruiser 5

Deluxe 2000 Road Bike

Deluxe 3000 Road Bike

Deluxe 4000 Road Bike

DX-1000 Road Bike

DX-2000 Road Bike

DX-3000 Road Bike

DX-4000 Road Bike

DX-5000 Road Bike

DX-6000 Road Bike

Motocross BMX Bike

Mountain Cat 2500 Mountain Bike

Mountain Cat 3500 Mountain Bike

Mountain Cat 4500 Mountain Bike

Mountain Cat 5500 Mountain Bike

Mountain Cat 6500 Mountain Bike

Mountain Cat 7500 Mountain Bike

Professional 7000 Road Bike

Pro-Touring 5000 Touring Bike

Sport Road Bike

Sport Deluxe Road Bike

Sport CS Road Bike

Sport DX Road Bike

Sport LX Road Bike

Sport 500 Road Bike

Sport 1000 Road Bike


Touring Deluxe Touring Bike

Tourist 3 Cruiser

Tourist 5 Cruiser

Tourist 10 Cruiser

Track Bike

Villager Entry Level Road Bike


Is the electronics Panasonic the same company as the bikes?

Yes, the company started as Matsushita Electric, and likely expanded to bikes because the founder grew up around a bike shop.

Are Panasonic bikes associated with Panaracer tires?

Yes, Matsushita also started Panaracer.

Are Panasonic bikes still made?

Yes, they are still making bikes.


Sport 1000

Panasonic Sport 1000 Bicycle

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