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I noticed there wasn’t much information out there on using Ezoic with so I wanted to share my experience. 

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Can you use Ezoic on

Yes, you can definitely use Ezoic with  It was a little more difficult to set up, but if I can make it work anyone can. 

Set up

I had to go back and forth between and Ezoic help, but it wasn’t that hard.  I got an error trying to download the Ezoic app, but fixed the issue.  I think it had something to do with how the domain was set up and IP addresses. 


So, if you are considering going to Ezoic you are probably looking to make more $$$.  And I can say you definitely should.  Compared to wordads I’m making about 10X more per day.  I’m very happy with this.

grey metal case of hundred dollar bills


This has been my issue so far.  My blog never did super good on the speed testers before, but now it’s been worse.  While it doesn’t score well, I don’t really notice it being slow in actual use.  Ezoic gives recommendations to speed it up that I am trying now.  Some of the suggestions I can’t do because they are necessary on  I’ll report back if I speed up.  If you are reading this, I guess you can judge the speed yourself.

Business plan

The one thing you will have to do is be on a business plan.  You need this to be able to get the Ezoic plugin.  It’s not cheap at $25/month, but I’m making more than the upgrade cost.  I would suggest you get approved on Ezoic before spending the money to upgrade your plan.

Number of ads per page

Ezoic definitely runs a lot of ads on every page.  But if you want, you can limit the number on a page.  I assume this will affect how much you are making, however.  I will likely set a limit in the future on my pages.

Like button not working

I think after I enabled Leap my Jetpack like button stopped working on my posts. Ezoic made an adjustment and fixed the issue.

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