Vintage Chimo Bicycles History and Facts

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Chimo was a brand owned by Interex Industries located in Vancouver BC, Canada.  Bikes were imported from Japan and Hong Kong during the 70s and 80s. 

The head badge design is actually the Interex logo.  The Japan head badges state made in Japan and Hong Kong badges have HKB for Hong Kong Bicycles. 

Most of their models appear to be entry to mid-level road bikes.  They also seem to have an affection for model names starting with C.


  • Camerra – entry level touring bike
  • Capri – entry level road bike
  • Centaur – entry level road bike
  • Cobra – entry level road bike
  • Concourse – mid level touring bike
  • Criterium – mid level road bike
  • Professional – mid level road bike
  • Special – entry level road bike


While they don’t appear to have made any top of the line models, Japanese bikes are considered quite well made for this era.  I’m not sure about the Hong Kong bikes, but they appear to be well made.  Most the bikes I have seen use Suntour derailleurs which were quite good for the time period.  They all appear to be well made bikes with reliable components.


Being an obscure brand, these bikes aren’t going to be super valuable.  I would think most men’s bikes in good condition might sell for $100-200 in this area.  Bikes in bad condition and ladies’ bikes won’t have much value. There may be some nicer Criterium out there that would get a higher price, I’ve seen images suggesting they may have had Suntour Cyclone derailleurs at some point.


80s Capri

80s Chimo Capri Road Bike

Rear Derailleur: Suntour Seven

1985 Chimo Concourse Road Bike

1985 Chimo Concourse Road Bike

Frame Material: Steel

Wheels: 27″

Drivetrain: 2×5

Crank-set: Maxy

Shifters: Suntour Power Head Tube Shifters

Derailleurs: Suntour V-T Lux

1986 Chimo Camerra

1986 Chimo Camerra Road Bike

Frame Material: Steel

Wheels:  27″ 

Drivetrain: 2×5

Crankset: Silstar

Shifters: Suntour Head Tube Shifters

Derailleurs: Suntour Seven

Unbroken Chain Bicycles donated the images of the Camerra and Concourse

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