Vintage Zebrakenko Bicycles History and Facts

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The history of Zebrakenko bicycles may go all the way back to the early 1900s in Japan, but the brand seems to have not shown up in the US market until the 1970s.  The quality seems to be pretty typical of other Japanese brands for the time period, well made and reliable.  Most of their bikes are road bikes of various levels with a cruiser bike. Their head badge is a lion with a crown over his head.  

Zebrakenko Head Badge

The 1981 catalog for Zebrakenko states that their bikes are made by Okamoto Riken Gomu in Tokyo Japan.  According to the Okamoto website they absorbed Zebrakenko bicycles in 1966.  Company is now known as Okamoto Industries and they seem to be out of the bicycle business. 

Sometime in the 80s the brand seems to disappear from the US market. 


Bluesky – entry level road bike

Lightning – higher level road bike with Suntour Cyclone derailleurs

New Commuter – 5 speed cruiser bike

New Sun – mid level road bike with Suntour VX derailleurs

New Wind – mid level road bike with Suntour VXT derailleurs

Olympic Ace – top of the line road bike with Suntour Superbe derailleurs

Storm – mid level road bike with Suntour VXT derailleurs

Thunder – entry level road bike Suntour Seven derailleurs


Most of their models won’t have any great value, as there isn’t a real following for Zebrakenko.  Most of their models in great condition might be worth $100 in my local market.  Lighting and Olympic Ace would be the models with some value.  I would think in great condition a Lighting might be worth up to $300 and the Olympic Ace $500.  I have not seen either for sale so just basing on components. 

Zebrakenko Sun Road Bike

Zebrakenko Sun Road Bike

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