1964 Schwinn Traveler Coppertone

This was a great cruiser bike for its time and a nice step up from the Racer.  Considered a Schwinn lightweight with 26” wheels, it features stainless steel fenders, generator, and a light.  This example is a 3-speed in coppertone color, have a look:

1964 Schwinn Traveler Coppertone


W11 19” frame

W12 21” frame

W13 23” frame


Flamboyant red, radiant blue, coppertone, or black.

Original Retail price

Coaster brake: $58.95

2 or 3 speed: $66.95

Images donated by South Shore Cyclery

2 thoughts on “1964 Schwinn Traveler Coppertone

  1. If you like the copper finish, you may be interested in Wilier Triestina’s “Ramato”. Originally (post WW II) these frames were actually copper plated (then covered in clear lacquer to prevent oxidizing). Now they are a copper paint over chrome. Beautiful!

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