American Classic Torchbearer Tubeless Ready Tires 700x32C Review

I’ve decided to go tubeless with my Surly Cross Check as I’m trying to make it a super comfortable ride.  Since I’m frugal I decided to shop around and ran into the Torchbearer tires by American Classic.  These are only $35 each on Amazon and meet all my needs.  Take a look:

American Classic Torchbearer

The Good

All weather tires

Strong flat protection

Tubeless Ready

Good rolling resistance

Reasonably lightweight

Made in Taiwan (better than China)

Also have a tubed version for $30

The Bad

Nothing yet…


Size: 700x32C

Weight: 397 grams

I like that these have a nice slick center with tread on the sides.  Should make it a very versatile tire.

Because these are going to be my first attempt at tubeless, I don’t yet have them mounted.  I have some nice tubeless compatible wheels I need to get ready.  After I get these mounted, I will update this review.  For now, they look great, and I have high expectations for them.

Get yours today on Amazon:

American Classic Road Bike Tire Torchbearer – AMAZON

2 thoughts on “American Classic Torchbearer Tubeless Ready Tires 700x32C Review

  1. After years of fixing flats (I swear I must have a special skill for finding tons of goat-head stickers in my tires which always result in a fix at the most inconvenient place), I moved to tubeless-wow…what a game changer. Happy trails.

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