American Classic Torchbearer Tubeless Ready Tires 700x32C Review

Last Updated on August 20, 2022 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

I’ve decided to go tubeless with my Surly Cross Check as I’m trying to make it a super comfortable ride.  Since I’m frugal I decided to shop around and ran into the Torchbearer tires by American Classic.  These are only $35 each on Amazon and meet all my needs.  Take a look:

American Classic Torchbearer

The Good

All weather tires

Strong flat protection

Tubeless Ready

Good rolling resistance

Reasonably lightweight

Made in Taiwan (better than China)

Also have a tubed version for $30

The Bad

Nothing yet…


Size: 700x32C

Weight: 397 grams

Actual width: 30.1mm on Velocity A23 rims with about 50 miles on them. If they are like other tires, they will likely get another mm or 2 wider with miles.

I like that these have a nice slick center with tread on the sides.  Should make it a very versatile tire.


I really like riding with these tires. Very smooth over all the cracks and bumps. And they seem to have plenty of speed. I’ve set some really good times with my morning 7.6 mile ride, and my fastest time for a 40 miler. The comfort seems to really make up for any higher rolling resistance these tires might have.

Tubeless Set Up

Initial set up went really well. But for about a week after, I couldn’t get the rear to hold air for very long. I kept getting these pin holes that would open up and sealant would come out. But after about a week of filling the tires up and checking pressure the next day, they started holding air fine. Now I’ve had no problems the last few weeks.

Get yours today on Amazon:

American Classic Road Bike Tire Torchbearer – AMAZON

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  1. After years of fixing flats (I swear I must have a special skill for finding tons of goat-head stickers in my tires which always result in a fix at the most inconvenient place), I moved to tubeless-wow…what a game changer. Happy trails.

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