Cheapest MIPS Helmet Bell Revolution Review

Because I’m frugal, I decided to see how cheaply one could get a MIPS bicycle helmet.  After searching around, I landed on the Bell Revolution for just a little over $30 on Amazon.  I think it’s got a good look and comes in black and red for adults.  The red one matches my new mountainContinue reading “Cheapest MIPS Helmet Bell Revolution Review”

Schwinn Le Tour Complete Guide

History of the Schwinn Le Tour It’s the early 1970s and bicycles are booming.  Lightweight road bikes are becoming very popular, and Schwinn doesn’t have one that’s more affordable.  They have the Paramount, but it’s a very expensive bike.  The Varsity and Continental are close to 40lbs, but they still sell well.  Paramounts are madeContinue reading “Schwinn Le Tour Complete Guide”

2021 Giant Talon 2 Mountain Bike Red Clay

I’ve been doing a lot of mountain biking lately, so I decided to upgrade my rather old mountain bike.  After shopping around for a few weeks, I landed this great looking 2021 Giant Talon 2 in Red Clay.  Really like the color, and it’s got most all the modern features I was looking for.  ItContinue reading “2021 Giant Talon 2 Mountain Bike Red Clay”

Bicycle Hand Signals For Safety

Hand signals are a very important part of bicycle safety.  Signals help drivers predict where you are going to go.  When riding on the road you should always use hand signals, they can even be helpful on the trail to let other riders know where you are going.  These are the most important signals thatContinue reading “Bicycle Hand Signals For Safety”

How To Replace a bicycle rear derailleur hanger

Is your mountain bike not shifting well after a crash?  Can you see your derailleur is at a weird angle?  Does it look like this? There is an easy fix.  Most modern mountain bikes have a removeable derailleur hanger that saves the frame in the result of a crash.  I may have had a crashContinue reading “How To Replace a bicycle rear derailleur hanger”

1998 GT Dyno Compe BMX Bike

If you are like me, you dreamed of that sweet, expensive BMX bike when you were a kid.  I got stuck with the cheapo bikes, but this is a fine example of the good ones.  Have a look: Chromoly frame is all chrome.  20” wheels have alloy hubs and rims.  Pegs are on the frontContinue reading “1998 GT Dyno Compe BMX Bike”

How to change a mountain bike tire with an inner tube and V-brakes

Our very detailed step by step guide to changing a tire on a mountain bike that uses an inner tube and has v-brakes. Step 1 Open Brakes Open up the brakes so the tire can be removed. Step 2 Position Bike Now you can put your bike in a repair stand, or if you don’tContinue reading “How to change a mountain bike tire with an inner tube and V-brakes”

2017 Liv Enchant Woman’s Hybrid Bicycle

Here is another nice bike from the fleet, my daughter’s 2017 Liv Enchant woman’s bicycle in a nice blue color.  Bought this one used and tuned it up, and it’s been a great bike.  She previously had a 24” mountain bike and says she likes the more upright riding position of this bike better.  HaveContinue reading “2017 Liv Enchant Woman’s Hybrid Bicycle”

Topeak Cagemount Water Bottle cage mount review

Looking for a great way to add another water bottle to your bike?  Check out this cool water bottle cage holder by Topeak.  It mounts with no screws needed to your handlebars or seatpost.  My daughters Trek Precaliber mountain bike came with no way to mount a bottle, so I needed to find something.  AfterContinue reading “Topeak Cagemount Water Bottle cage mount review”