Tange Seiki LN 3922 Bottom bracket square taper Review

Here is a rather nicely machined bicycle part.  A square taper bottom bracket by Tange Seiki, the LN 3922.  A surprisingly beautiful part given that it’s not hardly visible when installed.  Made in Japan says quality.  Just look at all the shine and precise looking machining: Specs Weight: 295 grams Sealed Cartridge bearings Solid boronContinue reading “Tange Seiki LN 3922 Bottom bracket square taper Review”

1975 Raleigh Grand Prix Carmine Red/Black

Here is a great example of a vintage bike that was affordable and lightweight.  The Grand Prix was right above the Record so just one step above their lowest priced road bike.  Quite a good-looking bike for the price.  Check out these pictures: Above bike is the 23 1/2″ size. I don’t believe the saddleContinue reading “1975 Raleigh Grand Prix Carmine Red/Black”

Whisky No.7 12F Drop Bar Silver Road Bike Review

Take a look at these beautiful bars: I’m going for a vintage look with my Surly Cross Check build so decided I should go with silver handlebars.  After shopping around at what’s out there I decided the Whisky bars looked best, and they have not disappointed.  The high polished silver has a really good lookContinue reading “Whisky No.7 12F Drop Bar Silver Road Bike Review”

Monark Silver King Bicycles Chicago

Monark Silver King began in 1934 in Chicago selling aluminum bicycles!  I had no idea somebody was making aluminum bicycles way back then.  These bikes don’t show up too often, but I see them for sale every once in a while.  The company made their own bikes till they sold to Huffman Manufacturing (Huffy) inContinue reading “Monark Silver King Bicycles Chicago”

Alritz V-brake Pads Mountain bike review

Looking for nice, cheap brake pads?  I have used a few different cheap pads with varied success, but I have no complaints about these.  They installed easy and have nice braking power.  Got rid of the annoying screeching my bike was doing when braking.  They are sold by Alritz on Amazon but come in veryContinue reading “Alritz V-brake Pads Mountain bike review”

Zwift Course Makuri Islands Two Village Loop

This course is a nice mix of pavement and gravel with a decent amount of elevation.  It is about 8 miles long with 300 feet of elevation and I guess roughly half gravel and half pavement.  I use a gravel bike on this one.  It goes through the countryside and through two villages on theContinue reading “Zwift Course Makuri Islands Two Village Loop”

1982 Schwinn Continental Bike Black Sable

Here is a nice example of a 1982 Schwinn Continental, a really durable and reliable road bike: This bike came with a Schwinn electro-forged carbon-steel frame and 10 speeds.  Not a light bike at 36lbs, but reliable and durable.  Black sable is the only color for this year.  Came with center pull brakes and quickContinue reading “1982 Schwinn Continental Bike Black Sable”

Surly Cross Check Frameset Drop Bar Bike Build

I’m in search of the perfect bike and am hoping it will be the Surly Cross Check.  I really like the ride and look of vintage bikes, but I prefer the shifting and drivetrain of newer bikes.  Hopefully I can combine these with this Surly frame.  I’ve heard lots of good things about Surly andContinue reading “Surly Cross Check Frameset Drop Bar Bike Build”

Old Touch Up Paint Fix – Bicycle

If you have a bike with a touch up job that’s not so good, I hope this guide can help you.  I purchased a bike that was touched up by a previous owner and well it’s not so good.  But so far, I’ve had some pretty good success making it much better.  These tips areContinue reading “Old Touch Up Paint Fix – Bicycle”

Wahoo Kickr Snap Smart Bicycle Trainer Review

I’ve been using my Kickr Snap for almost 3 years now and I like it a lot!  Previously I had purchased the cheapest smart trainer I could find which was an Elite.  After about a year it broke and though they sent me a part, I couldn’t fix it.  So, I did lots of researchContinue reading “Wahoo Kickr Snap Smart Bicycle Trainer Review”