Surly Cross Check Frameset Drop Bar Bike Build

I’m in search of the perfect bike and am hoping it will be the Surly Cross Check.  I really like the ride and look of vintage bikes, but I prefer the shifting and drivetrain of newer bikes.  Hopefully I can combine these with this Surly frame.  I’ve heard lots of good things about Surly andContinue reading “Surly Cross Check Frameset Drop Bar Bike Build”

Old Touch Up Paint Fix – Bicycle

If you have a bike with a touch up job that’s not so good, I hope this guide can help you.  I purchased a bike that was touched up by a previous owner and well it’s not so good.  But so far, I’ve had some pretty good success making it much better.  These tips areContinue reading “Old Touch Up Paint Fix – Bicycle”

Wahoo Kickr Snap Smart Bicycle Trainer Review

I’ve been using my Kickr Snap for almost 3 years now and I like it a lot!  Previously I had purchased the cheapest smart trainer I could find which was an Elite.  After about a year it broke and though they sent me a part, I couldn’t fix it.  So, I did lots of researchContinue reading “Wahoo Kickr Snap Smart Bicycle Trainer Review”

Schwinn Le Tour Serial Number guide and Country of Manufacture

The Schwinn Le Tour was made in several different plants and countries during its long run.  The first few years they are all made by Panasonic in Japan.  Then they are briefly made in Chicago and then back to Japan.  Later they would be made in the Mississippi Schwinn plant in the USA, Taiwan, andContinue reading “Schwinn Le Tour Serial Number guide and Country of Manufacture”

1964 Monark El Camino Cruiser Bicycle

Check out this vintage bike, a 1964 Monark El Camino woman’s bicycle. Monark Silver King bicycles started in Chicago in 1934. In 1956 they were bought by Huffman (Huffy). So this particular bike was manufactured by Huffy. Quite a neat looking bike. A nice single speed bike with a coaster brake, really reliable. Also hasContinue reading “1964 Monark El Camino Cruiser Bicycle”

What year bike do I have? Dating a Schwinn Le Tour

Here are some tips for dating a Schwinn Le Tour visually. Fork If the fork has a chrome tip the bike is 1982 or older. If the fork is painted with no chrome, it is 1983 or newer. Brake Levers If the brake levers have a safety lever the bike is 1983 or older LeContinue reading “What year bike do I have? Dating a Schwinn Le Tour”

ZTTO Road Bike Caliper Brakes Review

When I built my indoor trainer bike it was my first build so even though it didn’t need brakes, I put them on anyhow.  I wanted to test the bike out a little outdoors to make sure I did everything fine with the build.  Searching for some cheap brakes I landed on these ZTTO caliperContinue reading “ZTTO Road Bike Caliper Brakes Review”

1973 Schwinn World Voyageur

After posting about the World Traveler, I really wanted to find a World Voyageur to post about, and here it is.  The Traveler is a great bike, but this goes to the next level.  It has chrome in all the right places (fork end, head tube, dropouts).  The Shimano Crane GS rear derailleur is consideredContinue reading “1973 Schwinn World Voyageur”

Delta Bike Hook Review – vertical wall storage

As winter approaches you might be looking for a good way to store you bikes.  The Delta bicycle hook is a great option for vertical wall storage.  This is one of the first options I bought, and they work well.  They are thick and strong with a rubberized hook to protect your rim.  Have aContinue reading “Delta Bike Hook Review – vertical wall storage”

1972 Schwinn World Traveler Opaque Green

Now this is a really neat bike.  I love the early Schwinn Le Tours, and this is its predecessor and a nice bicycle.  In 1972 Schwinn started importing bikes from Japan with the World Traveler and World Voyageur.  For some reason these bikes never even made the catalog.  I’m guessing they wanted to see howContinue reading “1972 Schwinn World Traveler Opaque Green”